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1992. This I did pixel by pixel with Deluxe Paint II.

I grew up watching TV series such as Transformers, Robotech and He-Man, along with movies like Star Wars, ET and Back to the Future. I found Dungeon & Dragons roleplaying game in the Eighties as well. My first computer was Spectravideo 728 MSX though which was in 1984. Back then we bought magazines (Mikrobitti) with lines of BASIC code that taught us to do simple games by ourselves, but sure, the stores started having good ones for sale as well — but the Gold Box Adventures of Dungeon & Dragons on Commodore 64 and Amiga were the ones that made me a Gamer.

Now about 30 years later, I can look back at my history with all-stuff-nerdy. I was one of the first kids starting to do digital illustrations back in late 80s pixel by pixel with software called Deluxe Paint II (Commodore Amiga). We were part of the Amiga Scene, competing with graphics, musics and demos. We participated the first Assembly Demo Conventions back in 1992 and 1993. My nickname was Kissarobotti and I was part of the groups like Wizzcat, Sonic and Parallax.

In mid-90s I was introduced to multi-user-dungeons, MUDs, text-based online RPGs, and after playing some, I started coding one called Batmud. Geekyness didn’t stop there as Magic the Gathering came along with Live Action Roleplaying games (Vampire the Masquarate). After graduating from art high school my studies took me to the Estonian Academy of Arts where my focus was in comics and animations. I had lived in the United States few years earlier and brought back number of Spawn and X-men Comics that had inspired me to do comics as well.

Eventually, my career path took me to do magazines and journalism. I worked as an Art Director for number of magazines, but I also wrote some Game Reviews and did illustrations. I even ended up in the big leagues,  to a board of directors in a Scandinavian publishing house before taking a new path into tattooing.

Today, I run a cozy tattoo shop in Helsinki, Finland with the most awesome crew and the best possible clients. I love tattooing all-things-nerdy as those are the things I grew up with and have carried with me through these decades. I can proudly call myself an Old School nerd and I love doing nerdy tattoos to nerdy people.

And what about games? Well, I’ve never given up on those and I’m semi-bad at League of Legends, but playing it semi-seriously as well. Zyra main, Yuumi coming second.